Sermix aim of quality control policy is gaining more than customers satisfaction with the highest technology we are sure to submit our customers the optimum product in the least time span.Sermix start with two full automatic computerized batch plants and twenty three truck mixers 10 m3 load for each , five mobile pumps , four chiller units , sand screen , and highly qualified , professional , well trained staff.

Visual inspection for each sand and aggregates receiving loads , checking delivery ticket and sampling  according to sermix quality control plan.

Routine test according to sermix quality plan performed to check the quality of receiving materials.

Aggregates storage separately each size in suitable bins.

Cement storage separately each type in suitable water proof silos .

Additives storage separately each type in suitable weather tide tanks (specially delivered by additives company).

Water storage in underground isolated tanks and chilled water at well isolated steel tanks.

all designs done according to international and national specifications and codes.

strength testing will be from an essential part of assessment of compliance with the specifications.

special designs also prepared according to client projects specifications studies with suitable safety factor.

following up this design mixes on daily bases by sampling of each strength of fresh concrete produced for statistical studies report.


  • Sieve analysis of coarse and find aggregates.
  • Materials Unit Weight.
  • Specific gravity.
  • Absorption.
  • Flakiness.
  • Elongation.


  • Water Constancy.
  • Setting time.
  • Finesses of cement.
  • Compressive strength of standard mortar cube 7.07 cm.


  • P.H.
  • T.D.S.


  • solid content.
  • specific gravity.
  • P.H.


  • slump test.
  • uniformity test.
  • temperature of fresh concrete.
  • fresh concrete density.
  • Air content.
  • Compressive strength.

Aggregates tests

  • Petrography tests.
  • Alkali reactivity test.
  • Chloride & Sulphates.
  • Organic impurities.
  • Clay lumps & Friable Particles.
  • Resistance to Abrasion (Los Angeles).

Water test

  • Water test

Cement tests

  • Cement chemical analysis.
  • Soundness (by Autoclave).
  • Loss by lgnition.

Compression (Test machine twin gauge 2000 KN & 600 KN).

  • Type: Matest.
  • Made in italy
  • Motorized sieves shaker.
  • Cubes 15*15*15 Cm.
  • Quantity: 450 Cubes.
  • Availed to Batch & projects sites.
  • Sieve analysis set (ASTM & ES).
  • Set of graduated jar from 0.1 lit. to 2.5 lit.
  • Hydrometer.
  • Digital PH meter.
  • Digital T.D.S meter.
  • Electronic Digital Balance accuracy 0.01 mg.
  • Noraml Balance accuracy 0.1 mg.
  • Normal Balance accuracy 1 mg.
  • Drying oven (120) liters.
  • Normal & Digital thermometer.
  • Cubes Curing tanks.
  • Air Entrainment meter TMI.
  • Made in USA.
  • Flakiness Index Gauage & Elongation Index Gauge
  • Vicat Apparatus for cement setting time test.
  • Slump cone test.
  • Vibration machine for cement mold.