Sermix head masters with sales team

Interbuild 2014

Saudi Egyptian Ready-mix Sermix success  to get an appropriate share of the Egyptian market for ready-mix concrete in spite of its presence in 2011 with all the difficult challenges experienced by the country, the company was able to show a befitting strongly capabilities possessed by, however the company has presence and effectively in the market Egyptian Construction to be engaged in the activities of the International Exhibition for Construction Inert-Build since their presence in the Egyptian market, especially twenty-first session of the year 2014 in the presence of a large number of construction materials companies that offer products covered by 56 fields  in the sectors of construction materials, as usual Saudi Egyptian Ready-mix appeared a good standard banner eyes Everyone from customers or even the exhibitors from the competition as it came prominent unusually in terms of media coverage of large enjoyed by Saudi Egyptian Ready-mix given the role of influential done by the company in the building and construction in Egypt, where the targeted company’s approximately 110 000 cubic meters per the first half of this year as the company continues its achievements to reach the highest results to become rib influential in the development drive in the country where the company implements are now a number of projects with Engineering Authority of the armed forces also carried out a number of other other projects with major companies the likes of Arab Company for the development and Horizon to cope the bounce, which is now taking place in the construction market and construction in Egypt as the company aims to cover larger geographical locations and through the proliferation and expansion in the areas of Badr city and the sixth of October to meet customer needs and influence in the Egyptian market.

GUC Intership 6

GUC Intership

Saudi Egyptian Readymix Company (CERMEX) has a firm belief in the importance of training especially for future generations who will participate in advancing the production wheel forward, especially students of engineering, architecture and construction because of the company’s urgent desire to apply the quality element in all stages of the product out of the factory to be received by the client within sites The establishment was necessary for students to recognize these stages so that the company has played its developmental role towards the community and those who are involved in the educational process inside Egypt in order to enable us to upgrade production levels to the highest evaluations. The German University in Cairo is conducting effective training programs through which students can benefit from the information and experiences that will benefit them in their working lives, in accordance with the responsibility of the company, which is to upgrade the level of the Egyptian engineer, which will contribute to the development of production and work in Egypt.

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