Characterized Company SERMIX Ready-mix since their presence in the Egyptian market in January 2011 to co-exist strong and effective in most of the activities of the construction has involved the company more than once in the gallery Interbuild  because of its great importance in terms of building and construction in the Arab Republic of Egypt as it is one of the most powerful companies operating in this field because of their expertise , capabilities and great management and vision for the future and implement a lot of public and private projects , so is the company SERMIX an integral part of the effective contribution currently in private development in the field of Construction and Building out of interactive company has to participate in the annual gallery Permanent Interbuild to contribute to the advancement in Egyptian market and friction with other companies , transfer and export of practical experience and aspiration and general knowledge expertise and theories used in the field of ready-mixed concrete, can also be through the exhibition also recognize the needs of the consumer and the analysis and it is through trained staff we have knowledgeable and direct knowledge of the variables that occur in the market, especially in the field of construction are fully aware it’s been a rewarding experience and will be repeated soon , God willing .